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Title: Bruco Fire Truck | Fast N Loud
All new episodes of FAST N' LOUD return to Discovery Channel, starting Monday, September 3, 2012 at 10PM e/p. | | At the Nelson Classic Showcase in Louisiane, Richard Rawlings sets his sights on a Bruco fire truck.


Author:  ShayzeyProductions
Title:  Song at 00:04 ? 
Comment:  Song at 00:04 ? 

Author:  goog le
Title:  Like I say...let's ...
Comment:  Like I say...let's see your show on Discovery before you start hatin' the meantime..STFU!!!!!!!!!!

Author:  snoopy911975
Title:  good for you
Comment:  good for you

Author:  Ian Carlson
Title:  lmao....
Comment:  lmao....

Author:  Kerry Glock
Title:  Made many trips to ...
Comment:  Made many trips to the Bruco Company in Altoona in the 1980s as I knew the owners. Many of the Fire Trucks in our area (Blair County, PA) were Bruco Trucks.

Author:  darkenblade986
Title:  on utube
Comment:  on utube

Author:  crocodylus73
Title:  @rigostar14 The ...
Comment:  @rigostar14 The only branching I want to see is on trees with birds and monkeys.

Author:  a j
Title:  Yeh, gave me ...
Comment:  Yeh, gave me shivers. My dad worked for Brumbaugh for many years, fond memories of being in there, fire trucks, in all stages of construction, everywhere. Too cool. RIP dad.

Author:  cassiemonkeybear
Title:  :)
Comment:  :)

Author:  crocodylus73
Title:  Not sayin' it's a ...
Comment:  Not sayin' it's a bad show, but why is it on Discovery?

Author:  dogmagt14
Title:  FAKE'N GAY
Comment:  FAKE'N GAY

Author:  LolaNeverLeaves
Title:  every single thing ...
Comment:  every single thing on TV is scripted. Every reality show, everything...

Author:  Dan Ludington
Title:  aernt you you guys ...
Comment:  aernt you you guys amazing

Author:  Thijs Greenrun
Title:  im from holland and ...
Comment:  im from holland and i have seen this guy whit all that cars and man american people got a lot of money

Author:  troy stringer
Title:  whats the ...
Comment:  whats the soundtracks he uses??

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Bruco Fire Truck | Fast N Loud