Basic Care For Your Pet

Pet care tips

Basic tips to take care for your pet

Each animal is different but there are a series of basic cares that in general you must carry out so that your pet has a full and healthy life.


All animals, no matter what stage of life they are in, will need certain care to maintain their health. If you have a puppy you will have to attend to the first vaccinations, perhaps some diarrhea that it suffers from the change of diet when arriving at your home, tooth problems… If your pet is elderly you should pay attention to problems in his bones, his ear and vision, a more delicate stomach…

In any case (and at any age), if you notice that your animal suddenly changes its behavior and does not act as normal or shows signs of having a problem, go quickly to the vet. The sooner you go to the professional, the sooner the disorder can be treated and the better the results will be.


The advances in this field are incredible, you can find a product that is highly specialized in the characteristics of your animal. Those for dogs and cats are classified as wet or dry, according to the type of hair, according to the age of the animal, specific for a disease, for dieting, if it is sterilized or not… Check with your animal’s veterinarian to find out what I think It is the best for your partner depending on the qualities and / or problems he has.

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If your pet has hair, brush it for a while almost daily so that no tangles are created, dead hair falls out and also the small dirt that may have gotten between the fur. Bathe your animal once a month, do it with special shampoos for its species and type of hair. Then add cologne, there are antiparasitic ones and they smell very good.

For a cat, you can get him used to bathing with water as a child, if you can’t do it and he’s reluctant to liquid element, let him groom himself, but protect him from hairballs with a malt product.

If your animal is a rodent that, like chinchillas, bathe with sand, provide a little hygiene a couple of times a week.

If you have a bird at home, there are shallow bathtubs for you to put water and they alone groom their plumage. Besides, there are antiparasitic products so that apart from being clean they are protected.

Entertainment and exercise

An animal needs at least one playtime a day, both to activate its mind and to maintain its physical agility.

If you have an active dog, take him for a run in the park at least twice a day; if you have a cat, encourage him to play hunting at home; If it is a rodent, stock it with specific products to move its jaws and take it out of your home from time to time to stretch its legs and interact with you, and if it is a bird, get it toys to place in its house and let it flap its wings a room now and then.