Pets and Home Decoration

Seven tips if there are cats and dogs at home

Many of us have a pet in our home, so we have already talked about how convenient it is for you to have a corner for them at home where they feel calm and protected.

But surely your pet also wants to spend hours with you keeping you company and that is where a real revolution begins where it is convenient to organize so that the stay of your dog or cat in the different rooms of the home and the order at home “get along”.

1. Choose the breed of your dog or cat well

Before putting a pet in the house you must be very sure what type of animal to choose. If your apartment is small, you will have to find a breed suitable for the size of your home, it would be difficult to put a large animal such as a Mastiff dog, in a small apartment of 30 square meters, because you would feel overwhelmed and the animal of course too.

You must evaluate the place that you will have to prepare its corner with his things and if later you will have space for him to move quietly around the house.

Thus, in general, the most suitable will be small dogs for small homes and large breeds for home with a garden, that even if your pet enters and leaves the house, they always have a wide place to move if they wish.

Cats, unlike dogs, tend to have a more standard size and are not influenced so much by the size of the home, but even so, if there are any of the people at home who suffer from allergies, it would be advisable not to get a long-haired cat in addition to increasing the frequency of vacuuming both upholstery and carpets.

2. Your place to sleep

From the first moment that a pet enters a house, it must be provided with its own place to sleep if you do not want it to quickly conquer beds and sofas.

For this there are a multitude of beds, baskets and huts that you can place in the corner that you have designated, or if the weather is warm and allows it, a hut on the terrace.

3. Keep your pet entertained

When animals are puppies they change their milk teeth to the final one, that is why they have a tendency to bite everything in their reach, so although it is convenient to take your dog for a walk several times a day, there are times when that the puppy will be left alone, so do not leave it in a room with upholstered furniture, wooden chairs, cushions or cables to avoid destroying the furniture and may suffer an accident.

This destructive behavior also occurs in adult animals that spend many hours alone at home, to avoid this you can buy appropriate toys for their species and age and thus those hours that must necessarily be spent alone can be more entertaining.

little cat

4. Keep your things tidy

If you have your house collected, surely you will not like having a dog ball in the middle of your living room, the leash hanging from a chair and the raincoat from the walk thrown on the sofa.

That is why to keep the decoration of your house as you like it is necessary that you adapt some place, be it a beautiful basket according to your furniture, a wooden box if the environment is more rustic, or if you do not have site at ground level, a coat hanger that goes with the decorative style of your home to keep all your things tidy.

5. Give your pet a place to play

In the case of dogs, it is not so necessary as they usually go for a walk, but cats that do not leave the floor need a space where they can entertain themselves. Surely in your house you have a room that you use less to place a climber or special box for cats. There are all styles and surely you will find a model that fits with the colors of your furniture or walls.

6. Keep your “bathroom” at bay

Dogs are generally used to relieving themselves outside, but there are small dog breeds and of course cats, that need a litter box to relieve themselves.

Sometimes there is a terrace in the kitchen to leave the box and the sand, but other times you must manage to integrate it into the decoration of your home. For that you can get one of the many simple boxes and incorporate them into a piece of furniture, or camouflage them with some decorative element in the room where you have thought to put it.

Of course, make sure that it is a ventilated place, if it is not possible, there are closed hygienic boxes with deodorizing filters and long-lasting anti-odor sand that can help you keep the environment of your home without odors.

7. Think of your furniture and decorative objects

Of course, your pet will spend many moments keeping you or your family company, that is why if you are to have pets, take it into account when buying your furniture to decorate the house.

Avoid upholstery that is difficult to clean and where hairs stick easily, such as velvet or felt-like cottons. While your pet is a puppy, remove porcelain and glass items that you have on the ground to prevent them from breaking, in the case of cats remember that they are also capable of climbing on tables and shelves, keep this in mind for your objects more valuable.