Funny Things About Cats

funny cat with glasses

10 funny things that will surprise you about your cat

We are often surprised by the funny things about cats, attitudes or behaviors that amuse us. Here are some of them.

Cats have a unique and fascinating personality, so it is not surprising that they always surprise us with somewhat strange and curious behaviors. Read on and discover 10 funny things about cats. Let yourself be surprised by the most tender, comical and strange side of these feline friends that are undoubtedly one of the best options to have as a pet.

Curiosities that you did not know

Jump too high

A completely normal and funny behavior is when cats jump and bounce all over the place. This, along with running to high speeds, is part of your normal exercise routine.

Challenging stare

One of the funny things about cats is when they fix their gaze on people. This look is generally deep and sometimes challenging. In general, the meaning is usually associated with an attention seeking.

Weird sleeping positions

Cats tend to take really strange positions when they sleep. Pussycats do not need a comfortable bed to rest. From a box, a purse or on a comfortable armchair, anywhere is good and the result is always surprising.

Rub your head

One of the most curious behaviors of cats is when they rub their head with the owner. Besides being a symbol of tenderness and a lot of love, they also do it to impregnate their scent on the person and basically feel that they belong to them. Yes, cats are also a bit possessive.

cat box

No to the bathroom

With few exceptions, cats do not like bath time. They can come to hate water and that leads them to behave very funny in order to avoid it.

Scare easily

One of the funniest behaviors of cats is when they get scared or startled. As a consequence they jump and run. This tends to happen quite frequently and due to a wide variety of circumstances.

They love feet

Pussycats are very struck by the movements of the limbs. This is why they are so fascinated by feet and can nibble and play with them.

They get hooked

Cat owners often have curtains, home decoration and clothing with loose threads. It is very common for kittens to get hooked easily and many times they do it in places where it has previously happened. It’s no wonder they break some much-loved clothes.

They are lazy

Many cats are lazy and it is very funny to observe how they are able to fall asleep in the strangest places in the house. The relaxed postures at the time of rest are also synonymous with the fact that the kitten is comfortable at home and with family members.

They love boxes

It does not matter if the cat has a play space just for him and has all kinds of toys. Pussycats will always prefer the darkness and warmth of a simple cardboard box.

Cat owners are sure to identify these 10 funny and curious things. Cats are undoubtedly one of the funniest pets you can have, especially thanks to their unique personality.